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PPC Service- All That We Offer?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. Pay per click services is a popular and result-orienting part of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Basically, this is a technique of buying visits to your site, instead of earning them naturally. It is an inorganic way of popularizing the brand and driving more web crawlers.

If you’re looking for one of the best pay-per-click companies that will completely manage your campaign for you, Seo Rank Agency can help you to create an affordable ppc campaign.

How Does PPC Work?

Before jumping onto the benefits and cost of PPC Company in India, let’s just first quickly understand how PPC works and how the performance is evaluated by the experts working on for PPC in digital marketing services.

The entire structure is broadly divided into two major parts: Google PPC ads and search ads.

⇒ Search ads: These ads can be seen above or below the Google search results corresponding to what the searcher has been looking for. Through PPC models, you will be paying for that only when they click; it doesn’t matter if they buy your services or not!

⇒ Local search ads: These are location focused ads that work as per Google map. It involves parameters like proximity and feasibility to reach. If you are involved in e-commerce services or any kind of shipment, it’s a must for you.

⇒ Pre-roll ads: They are most commonly used for video advertising. Youtube video marketing is popular now a days, Whenever we watch youtube videos, we can see some ads before the video, or in the middle. These are nothing but PPC done through pre-roll ads. These can be targeted by geolocation, native language, demographics, topics, and interests.

⇒ Facebook and Instagram ads: These ads result in optimum growth, especially if you are trying to target people from the age group of 15-35. These are the people who are most active on these platforms and can offer you immense traffic.

PPC Management Services You Can Avail At SEO Rank Agency

Adword Management service

Google AdWords Management

This tool makes sure that your ad is placed in front of the right audiences. Our team of skilled professionals will assist you in improving the visibility of your brand and bring in faster results by using this tool.
 PPC Campaign Setup

PPC Campaign Setup

Carefully crafted PPC campaigns can fetch you traffic, leads, and customers spontaneously after the ad starts running on your website. Our team knows just the right tactics to excel in this.

Tracking And Monitoring

Tracking And Monitoring

It is necessary to keep track of your website’s visibility to understand further potential. Our team uses all the possible tools and techniques to record the functioning of your website. 

Display Advertising Campaigns

Display Advertising Campaigns

Monetize your website traffic with advertisements displayed along with the main content of your website. Our team will ensure that these ads are relevant to the core of your website to increase the informative behavior of your page.
Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing Campaign

The people who have already visited your website are somewhat interested in your product or services. Our team uses the cookies from your site to reach out again to those visitors and advertise your website.
Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

The ads including rich product information, image, price, and merchant name are shown to people who are already searching for the products you want to advertise. This helps in increasing direct revenue for your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Our PPC Services In India?

PPC in digital marketing allows you to target a whole wide chunk of people available on various online platforms. You can put your ads on the go, so as to embark the awareness about your brands, services, and products. Our team working for PPC management services carefully utilizes action like Google AdWords. Google AdWords is considered as the best advertising tool since it brings you across the world.

⇒ It helps you pick specific interests and niches that are most relevant to you. It aims to target the still-to-fetch objectives of the PPC marketing campaign for which you have made a hefty investment in PPC agency. You can also target the potential audience who is trying to know about you but hasn’t bought your services or products yet.

⇒ The PPC ads help you fetch the real-time ROI. You can measure the number of clicks you have earned and compared it to your sales and revenue. All this is offered in the best PPC service.

⇒ Also, tools like Google AdWords are a blessing since they give you a larger space on the internet and helps to establish your foot as a successful business person or brand.

⇒ Of course, PPC is costlier than SEO Services, but its immediate impact is worth the investment. It can offer you the initial result improvement in just a few days and sometimes as soon as a few hours.

 By using PPC services, you do not have to go in debts; it lets you set a daily limit. Also, you can see and analyze the statistics to know how your budget has been spent.

⇒ With the best PPC company in India, you have the liberty to reach beyond the borders without any physical migration. It lets you advertise and promote your work globally.

PPC Marketing Service

 What Can You Expect From Our PPC Campaign Management?

⇒ Far-reaching and competent keyword research: We have the best set of tools that are used for extracting relevant and high ranked keywords. Our PPC campaign management services monitor the effects and results regularly in order to ensure the efficiency of the chosen keywords. We provide customized keywords, as per the demand and needs of the clients.

⇒ Landing page conversation optimization: Our PPC specialist team creates customized pages to monitor visitors who have shown interest in your services or advertisements.

⇒ Split testing and ad comparison: We set comparisons to check the effectiveness of variable ads that are created and posted by our PPC management company in India. This aids us to hone our content and the presentation.

⇒ PPC for local business: We offer PPC advertising by targeting the smaller domains like your city or state. This is a promising strategy that can boost sales for your business by embracing your baby steps. Our experienced digital marketing professionals are adept at creating PPC campaigns for small businesses or start-ups. They are trained to approach the project by targeting a specific goal at a time.

⇒ Transparency with ROI: SEO Rank Agency benefits each client with the utmost transparency when it comes to sharing the success report. We evaluate and share the ROI reports to get a knack of our strong and weak point

Packages Offered By SEO Rank Agency- The PPC Expert

We offer customized PPC packages that suit the needs and visions of distinct clients. Despite our significant experience and abundant workload, we do not compromise with the quality of PPC projects. So, if you are looking forward to hiring PPC experts in India, get in touch with SEO Rank Agency. You can seek the highest quality and lowest PPC costs under our roof..!!

PPC Management Services FAQ

1. What is PPC, And Why Should You Consider it For Your Business?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which is an online model that involves paid advertising of any business, brand, product, or service. So each time an ad is clicked, the advertisers pay a fee to the search engine. This is a way to buy the number of visitors to your website for better SEO ranking and sales. PPC campaign management services should be considered for the growth and propagation of any business on digital platforms. This not only increases the ROI for digital marketing but also is one of the most profitable marketing channels for producing an increased ROI.

2. How Many Conversions Can I Expect Through A PPC Campaign?

The conversion rate varies from project to project as they are dependent on several external factors that are uncontrollable by any PPC specialist. These include- price, quality of the product, the destination of the website, psychology of the target audience, and market chaos.

However, we track the number of conversions from the ads that we post. This enables us to use the extracted data for revising the PPC campaigns designed by the experts of SEO Rank Agency. We put our best efforts to offer you an ever-increasing conversion rate.

3. How Will You Create PPC Ads That Fit My Business?

We offer free consultation sessions with our PPC marketing campaign specialists, where you are questioned about the preferences and objectives. Depending upon these, we create a customized plan that hosts various strategies. We approach by developing the ads in an ad calendar.

The PPC Management services by SEO Rank Agency offers you an opportunity to review the work beforehand as we believe in work transparency. Also, feel free to call us at 8287878852 or write to us at We are always available at your disposal.

4. Will You Monitor The Ads Campaign To Make Sure We Do Not Waste Any Money?

Yes, indeed. Our team handles your work and money very sensibly and responsibly. If the ads posted are not performing as per the expectations, we pause them and pull-out your campaign.

At SEO Rank Agency, our professional PPC marketing team monitors and optimizes the campaign with every stage. They do this by running A/B tests as it is a provenly effective way. In this, we test multiple variations of the ads and checks which one receives a better response. This helps us understand the nature of your target audience and their preferences. Also, by testing numeral combinations, the strategies become result oriented.

5. What Campaign Performance Reports Do You Provide?

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