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Since its origin, Facebook has been a brand with immense powers, and with digitalization, the Facebook marketing services have gained popularity, like never before. The reason behind this is a large number of opportunities it holds for various businesses and organizations.

Year after year, advertising on Facebook is securing a #1 position when it comes to social media marketing. Therefore, all the startups, entrepreneurs, medium-scaled, and large-scale business owners are delighted to invest in the Facebook advertising company. So, if you just Google “Facebook marketing company near me,” you can find a lot of results, which definitely confuses. Hence it has become a bit more challenging to locate a credible and efficient Facebook Marketing Company. Beside Facebook Marketing, We can also help you on other social media platforms, like Instagram Marketing Services and LinkedIn marketing services.

How to Set Up Your New Facebook Marketing Page With The Help of Facebook Campaign Management?


Facebook is a platform with a large number of users, so finding a significant chunk of your desired audience becomes quite easier using Facebook Marketing Services for Small Business.  The most dominant reason behind the failure of Facebook marketing plans is the lack of skills to create and maintain an exciting and informative marketing page.

Therefore the Facebook ads managers of SEO Rank Agency are upskilled to follow the right tactics, and their experience supports this.

Here are some of the best ways to approach Facebook marketing campaign:

  1. The profile picture and the cover page: For encouraging the business using Facebook marketing, you should add the logo of the company as the profile picture. This makes the company look authentic and recognizable on digital marketing services platforms. Apart from the profile picture, ensure that the cover page speaks about your efficiency and the type of services you provide. Also, it is suggested to update it regularly in order to break the monotony. You can use GIF and short videos; it will make it catchy.


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  1. About’ section: Facebook marketing services hire the best writers to get the appropriate content for the ‘About’ section, where we include various aspects of the company. We try to add maximum details using a crispier and precise set of words.
  2. Regularly posting new content: The professional Facebook marketing agency in India researches and designs attractive, intriguing, and informational content. This can be in the form of text, photos, videos, or GIFs. The idea remains to post new content every day or alternate day so that the Facebook marketing page looks lively and worth coming back to.
  3. Statistics: To seek an accurate report of the Facebook marketing plans, it is exceedingly important to read the statistic regularly. If there is a sudden rise or fall in the usage, try and understand what content leads to that.

Read And Know More About Our Leading Facebook Marketing Company

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SEO Rank Agency is one of the most preferred Facebook ad agency as we offer our satisfactory and result-oriented services with Affordable Facebook Marketing Packages. We, as Facebook ad optimization service providers, plan and execute the various strategies involved in an effective Facebook marketing campaign. This aims at drawing the attention of the target audience and intriguing them to know more.

Inspired by the idea of digitalization and its rapid evolution, we are a bunch of professional Facebook Marketing Experts who are familiar with the hardships that come in the journey of Facebook marketing. We help our clients to overcome the hardship and play with the delights of seeing your brand rock online. In short, we are a troupe of ‘Digital Lovers.’

We offer services like Facebook ad campaigns for Ecommerce for all the budgets and brands. We start with the work after understanding the behavior and interest of the target audience. This motivates our Facebook ads managers to align the strategies in a smart and ordered manner that can bear optimum results.Our team of an eCommerce SEO Expets is well known working with people of more than 10 countries, hence backing up our company’s reputation.

Why Are We Known to Create Effective Facebook Marketing Plans?

Looking for a reason to invest in our Facebook Marketing Company? Well, let’s not brag, but we can provide you more than one. Have a look.

»  We are client-centric: We work to get a positive response from our clients. To get this, we ensure 100% client satisfaction because we want to be your #1 choice when it comes to Facebook marketing plans.

»  Creative: Each of our projects is uniquely designed by the contribution of the creative minds of our digital marketers.

»  Pocket Friendly: We are established as a company with nominal Facebook advertising cost India because we are driven by the idea of honesty, fair pricing, and efficiency in our working style.

»  Tech-Savvy: We hold a bunch of technology lovers under our roof, thereby helping the SEO Rank Agency provide you with the professional services of Facebook campaign management.

»  Result Oriented: Any investment becomes a failure when you do not see the desired results. Therefore our Facebook marketing services are customized as per the clients. We do not believe in sticking to the conventional and copied ways. We are explorers..!! If you’re ready to get started, contact us online or call us at 8287878854!

Facebook Marketing Services FAQ

1.What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is an online platform with a vast number of users and reach. One can create personal as well as business profiles or pages to share photos, videos and status. These can be further liked and shared by people. Facebook advertising is a way to post ads in the form of images, texts and videos in order to attract the audience and convert them.

Facebook advertising services India are one of the most effective ways to promote the products or services since it caters a wide range of audience based on age-groups. SEO Rank Agency is one such platform that offers these services at affordable rates.

2.What Are The Benefits Of Facebook Marketing?

The benefits of Facebook marketing are immense. You get to expose your business and services to almost 1.6 billion people across the world which is a big plus point for any sort of business. Also, the online visibility of your brand or services is increased to as much as 8 times which is the main reason for the super-in demand of Facebook marketing for business in India.  One of the biggest benefits of investing in Facebook marketing by SEO Rank Agency is organic reach. On average, Facebook can provide with 6.47% of the total pages show interest in your posts and add some action.

3.How Can I Trust SEO Rank Agency?

Seo Rank Agency has been serving the clients from more than 10 years and has the business reach in more than 15 countries across the globe. We give monthly reports that are based on the performance of our strategies. Depending upon these reports, we continue, discontinue or revise a Facebook marketing strategy.

You can reach out to us 24×7 by contacting us at 8287878854 or write to us at Our team of customer care executives are available around the clock to resolve your queries or update you with the status of your work.

4.How Can We Be Sure That Facebook Marketing Will Help Us In Growing Our Business?

Facebook is a platform with more than 1.6 billion active users, making it the foremost choice of many social media marketers. With these many users and the availability of a wide range of age group, you can find a significant number of target audiences.  Also, one can post ads using various videos, photos, graphics, infographics, and texts. So, this gives a wide range of options in which you can create and post your content.

5.What Type of Facebook Ads Should I Run?

Well, this totally depends upon the type of business and client’s expectations from the Facebook marketing management agency. If the goal is to enhance brand awareness, then traffic and engagement ads would work the best. Otherwise, if the goal is to optimize the website conversion rate, then conversion ads with the integration of pixel code would be a part of the strategy designed by SEO Rank Agency.

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